Introduce yourself with Photo and Voice

How about introducing yourself with your voice and photo?
Using the smart phone free application such as "PhotoVoice"(iPhone), or just taking a jpg photo of yoursef and sending it to the email address below, you can introduce youself on the member's page of the APCOCS2014 website.


  • Please include your name and registration number in the title of the email.
  • Attached file format should be "jpg" or "mp4". Application introduced above will automaticall produce mp4 file.

If you are too busy

After your arrival at Sapporo, some of the stuff members may ask you at the conference hall and take your photo and record your voice and put it on the web page.

To see the page

Open the page "http://apcocs2014.org" and click the menue "Introduce Yourself" at the bottom of the menu colum.Then click the button "Go to member's page" again at the bottom of the page. You need a password to go into the member's page. The password will be sent to you from the organizing committee by an email.

Please note

Please note that the voice recording should be less than 10 seconds. Long recording and a big file size may cause trouble in downloading to the smartphone.
Also note that your photo will be trimmed into small square size of 200px * 200px and put on the introuction page.

Only if you like to show yourself on the member's web page, please cooperate with the commitee members.


1st Asia Pacific Conference on Coaching Science 2014

Kazuhiko WATANABE(Hiroshima Univ.)

email   kazuwp@hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Tadashi TAKEDA (Hokusho Univ.)

email   take@hokusho-u.ac.jp