The Way to "Conference Hall at Hokkaido Univ.
from New Chitose International Airport

New Chitose International Airport to Sapporo Station

International Exit

Pick up your luggage and go through the arrival exit. You will see a long corridow in front of you.

To Domestic Bldg

Walking through the corridow will lead you to the Domestic Airline Building.


Go through the shopping area until you see the big hall with a high ceiling in front of you. You will find the escalator on your side.


Take the escalator down to the first floor and then to the B1 floor where you can take JR train to Sapporo.


Find the ticket vending machine.

Vending machine

It costs 1070 yen from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo station. Push 1070 button and insert the money. The ticket veding machine does not have English sign.
Insert the ticket into the ticket gate , go through the gate, and take your ticket again. Take any train waiting at the platform. Every train goes to Sapporo. It takes about 40 minutes. Get off at Sapporo Station. Some train goes farther.

Sapporo Station to the Conference Hall at Hokkaido Univ.

East Gate

After getting off the train at Sapporo Station platform, go downstairs and follow the sign to the West Gate. Get out through the West ticket Gate and then walk to the west until you come to the street shown below.

Walk to the north for about 200m.

You will see the front gate of Hokkaido University on your left.

Go into the campus. A café is on your left.

Conference Hall is next to the café. The hall is called "Gakujutsu Koryu Kaikan" in Japanese.

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