AACS will hold the 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Coaching Science on July 11-13.2014

APCOCS 2014 "Young Coaching Scientist's Award (YCSA)

Judges in APCOCS Organizing Committee evaluated each paper depending on:

  1. Originality
  2. Applicabklity to coaching practice
  3. Methodological validity
  4. Implication to future research
  5. Presentation

Names of awardees and the titles of the presentation

Oral Presentation

  • 13-OB-1
    Li-Hui CHIEN   National Taiwan Sport University
    The Effect of Continuous Rugby Matches on Oxidative Damage and Antioxidant Enzymes in Youth Players
  • 13-OB-8
    Ming-Chia WENG   Chinese Culture University
    Blood lactate responses to different configurations of hang clean
  • 12-OA-5
    CHILING TSAI   NationalTaiwanSportUniversity
    The comparison of the formulated optimal bicycle seat height and the actual saddle height for the elite cyclists
  • 12-OB-1
    BYEONG HWAN JEON   Kyungsung Univ.
    Effects of blood flow restriction exercise on body compotation and muscular strength of Korean middle aged women
  • 12-OA-3
    Mallika Damayanthi WIJESINGHE   Univercity of peradeniya
    Systematize the Physical Fitness Level and Participation in Sports activities of Selected Prospective Teachers in Sri Lanka
  • 12-OB-5
    Prabash Indrajith DHARMATHILAKE   University of Peradeniya
    Intervention to take the Body Mass Index of Six School Children, Whose BMI has Exceeded the Risk Level, to Optimal Level through Sports Activities.
  • 12-OA-1
    Mariko YOSHIOKA   Nippon Sport Science University Graduate School
    Desirable and undesirable behaviours of coaches perceived by Japanese collegiate students

Poster Presentation

  • 13-P-5
    Sheng-Chieh TANG   Chinese Culture University
    Athletic career transition: ex-swimmers’ experiences of the sports system in taiwan
  • 13-P-35
    SEUNG SEOK WOO   Seoul National University
    The Injury Prediction in High-School Baseball Players through Functional Movement Screen(FMS)
  • 12-P-13
    Sun Hee Park   Chungbuk National University
    Relationship of Physical Fitness Factors to Brain-Derived Neutrophic Factor(BDNF) among Sports Talent in Elementary School
  • 12-P-41
    Chen zhouye   Shanghai University of sport
    Combination for Scoring in Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei
  • 12-P-17
    Hiroki MANI   Hokkaido University
    Difference of the relative distances from center of pressure to center of mass between the young and elderly people during One-leg standing
  • 12-P-39
    Eiji IKEDA   University of Tsukuba
    Longitudinal validation on factors affecting the Collective Efficacy Scale for Basketball
  • 13-P-12
    Toshiaki ODA   Hyogo University of Teacher Education
    Mechanical properties of triceps surae muscle-tendon unit in Kenyan and Japanese distance runners
  • 12-P-29
    Keizo YAMAMOTO   Hokushou Uiversity
    Proposal of inexpensive and portable apparatus for jumping movement


Jasson Chian, James Shih-Chung Cheng, Li-an Ho(Taiwan)
Tae Won Jun, Jae Kyung Byeon(Korea)
Xiaoping Chen, Xiao-Xian Li, Yu Liu, Yun Wang(China/Srilanka)
Kazuhiko Watanabe, Tadayoshi Asaka, Masamitsu Ito, Junjiro Kubo, Akira Shionoya(Japan)